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In 2018 I first volunteered at the local school in Calangute, Goa, India. There I was able to step inside the world of our children living in 3rd world countries. While watching Carol, a dedicated teacher explain our alphabet, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of what I would call basic neccesities. Some children had socks, some didn’t have shirts or pants. It was an eye opening experience that led me to a promise of coming back with these basic supplies to help out. In 2019 I was able to go right back to that school bringing along notebooks, pencils, socks, and other supplies. The light I was able to experience through this was life-changing and I then made the decision to forever dedicate my life to help make these changes for these kids who deserve the same opportunities we have here in the United States. No child should be left behind in any way. The same year 2019, I was able to go to New Delhi and experience a school that was free for the local children who live in the slums behind this bridge. The school was called “Free School Under the Bridge”. While not having notebooks, and other school essentials they used the bridge as a chalk board and were still spending time involved in their education. After the school let out some local children walked me behind where I was able to peek into the life of living in the slums, which you will see in the video we have on this site. My heart as you can assume was open to a way of life I never knew existed. A Chance for Change’s goal is to help these kids understand education can be a escape to a brighter future, and help in any way we can to make that dream a reality.