The long term, positive impact of high quality education on a child’s success in school and life is supported by decades of research and developmental science.

A Chance for Change supports these findings and dedicates it’s sources to ensure not only our children go to school, but have the ability to learn in better environments without restrictions of the essentials.

We share our findings and best practices with policymakers, practitioners, and funders to provide them with the knowledge and tools to improve the quality of early childhood education. Without an understanding of how young children learn, adults may underestimate cognitive abilities and therefore miss opportunities to support their growth.

Children advance in specific subject areas when their experiences are guided along a learning trajectory through increasingly higher levels of conceptual understanding. Adequate amounts of nutrition and physical activity are also important for ensuring early learning and academic achievement.

This is why A Chance for Chance will also incorporate sports equipment such as soccer balls, and basketballs, etc.

While doing my own research in India, I’ve learned that children who experience chronic stress and adverse childhood experience factors such as poverty, family conflict, or exposure to violence are placed at a disadvantage that has a cumulative effect over time. Most children find the escape of home life through school, we are focused to make school time pleasant and exciting for kids to be kids again without any fear or rejection from their peers or teachers. The secure attachment that young children develop with educators contribute to an expectation of adult support that enables young children to approach learning opportunities more positively and confidently.

We will continue our research and approach these schools and children with an approachable, acceptant, open mind to further the growth of not only our children, but ourselves around the world.